Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Portland

Don’t risk your commercial kitchen’s well-being by neglecting to have its exhaust system cleaned regularly. At American Hood Cleaning, we’ve worked with countless customers throughout Portland to give their kitchen hoods the perfect cleaning service to allow them to continue operating at their peak. Our work is performed with precision and attention to detail to leave no nook or cranny unattended. If it’s been a while since your commercial kitchen hood was last cleaned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Call us at (503) 516-8664 for a regularly scheduled kitchen hood cleaning service if you manage a commercial kitchen.

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Certified Kitchen Hood Cleaners

At American Hood Cleaning, we care about supplying a consistent standard in our kitchen hood cleaning services. That’s why we take great care to hand-select and train our employees. Every member of our team is part of a crew that is licensed and certified to provide safe and comprehensive commercial kitchen maintenance.

When we work on kitchen hoods, we follow a stringent protocol. Our employees abide by our checklist to ensure nothing is missed throughout the cleaning process. Using quality control methods that dictate our superior standards of service, we ensure tidy work sites and thorough maintenance of all kitchen hoods we’re called upon to restore.

Our company ensures a streamlined kitchen hood cleaning service. We continuously check and double-check our work to ensure our hood cleaners provide your establishment with the highest cleaning standards.

Benefits of American Hood Cleaning’s Hood Cleaning Service

American Hood Cleaning is a leading provider of impeccable hood cleaning services in Portland, helping those who run large-scale kitchens maintain safe and sanitary cooking environments. When our team provides you with routine hood cleaning services on a regular basis, it enables you to:

  • Save money in the long run
  • Reduce the risk of kitchen fires
  • Improve kitchen hygiene
  • Enhance kitchen air circulation
  • Ensure food doesn’t absorb unusual or unappetizing odors
  • Elevate kitchen’s overall cleanliness standards
  • Increase your ventilation system’s longevity
  • Allows your hoods to function quietly

There are many benefits our hood cleaning service provides for your commercial kitchen, from enhanced cleanliness to cost savings on equipment replacements and repairs. Contact us at (503) 516-8664 to hire us as your kitchen hood cleaning partner for safe and efficient kitchen operations.

American Hood Cleaning is Your Kitchen Hood Cleaning Partner in Portland

Maintaining a clean kitchen hood and exhaust is crucial for your restaurant to perform at its best. You want to make sure you’re running a reputable and efficient operation for the health of your employees, your customers, and your property. A dirty or greasy kitchen hood poses a risk to the safety and quality of your kitchen operations and should be a top priority when it comes to cleaning your commercial kitchen.

American Hood Cleaning is Portland’s most reliable kitchen hood cleaning. If you want to get your kitchen hoods checked out or need immediate exhaust cleaning services, call us at (503) 516-8664 for a no-obligation consultation

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Keeping your kitchen hood clean should be a priority, and if it’s been a few years since yours was professionally inspected and serviced, there is no time like the present.

The professional hood cleaners at American Hood Cleaning have been working in the industry for years, and we take our work very seriously. We are proud to play a role in keeping commercial kitchens safe and functional for you, your staff, and your guests.

To learn more about what our team can offer you, we invite you to give us a call at (503) 516-8664. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and book an inspection at your earliest convenience.

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Understanding the Importance of Hood Cleaning

Your kitchen hood plays many vital roles. It works to trap grease, grime, and smoke and prevent them from polluting your kitchen and property more broadly.

While the hood itself is a safety feature, it can quickly become a firetrap, so cleaning it regularly is essential to the overall safety of your restaurant or commercial kitchen space.

There are many benefits to cleaning your hood regularly. They are as follows:

  • A clean hood will prevent hazardous particles from escaping into your restaurant.
  • A clean hood will allow your space to meet local fire safety regulations and avoid fines and penalties.
  • A clean hood will ensure your insurance eligibility is protected.

Don't let your hood slip into a state of neglect. If it does, you could face a world of problems that you don't deserve and don’t have the time to take care of. Because your hood’s function is to suck up so much smoke and grease, the filter and the ducts inside your hood will become grimy, and grease will slowly build up. After a long time, this can become a major hazard. If you run a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you need properly functioning hood fans. Without them, you'll have a smoky, greasy kitchen, and your diners will have to suffer the unappetizing smells of the kitchen instead of the delicious aromas of your food.

Knowing When to Have Your Kitchen Hood Cleaned

When it comes to cleaning your hood, the more often you do it, the better. If your hood gets used daily, our experts recommend having it professionally serviced every three to six weeks. This will ensure that your appliance stays in tip-top shape.

If it has been longer than a few months or years since your hood was inspected. Don’t delay. You never know when your kitchen hood could go up in flames, and we want you and your staff to stay safe.

When you contact us about an overdue inspection, we’ll prioritize your service and book an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Hood Cleaning Experts in Portland

While some restaurant owners will have their staff clean their kitchen hoods, hiring an expert can make a world of difference. Regularly cleaning your kitchen's hood fan is the key to keeping your kitchen clear of smoke while cooking for service and maximizing your HVAC performance, particularly your ventilation.

When you trust our professional hood cleaners, you can expect:

  • An understanding of the intricate design and workings of your hood
  • The right tools and products for the job
  • An ability to identify apparent or underlying damage that needs repair
  • An understanding of fire codes and local regulations

When our expert hands are working on your commercial strength hood fan, you can be certain that not a single smudge of grease will be left behind. We will take the time required to get the job done thoroughly. If you give the job to your restaurant staff, there is no time for them to do as detailed of a job as we will do for you. Additionally, we can complete our service whenever you need us to. We can come after or before service hours – whichever is more convenient for you is our preference.

We Work with Commercial Kitchens in Many Industries

Maintaining your commercial kitchen’s condition is just as important as keeping up its output. If your kitchen, including its hoods and ducts, isn’t given the right amount of attention, it could seriously impact your kitchen facility and the efficiency of your operations.

American Hood Cleaning provides expert kitchen hood cleaning services to commercial kitchens across multiple industries. We work with a wide range of different clients who benefit from our dedicated and efficient services. We’ve serviced kitchen hoods in facilities across the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Food trucks
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Office building cafeterias
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals and other medical care establishments

If you manage a commercial kitchen that feeds large groups of people frequently, our hood cleaning service is an ideal solution for you. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning for Your Safety

Commercial kitchens are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Over time, grease and other debris can build up on hoods, fans, and ventilators. If this buildup is not properly removed, it can create a fire hazard. That's why it's essential to have your kitchen hoods cleaned on a regular basis by a professional hood cleaning service.

Our experienced technicians use industrial-grade cleaning methods and degreasing solutions to remove all the grease and grime, leaving your kitchen safe and clean.

Don't take chances with your safety - call us today to schedule a hood cleaning appointment.

Disinfect Your Kitchen Hood for Better Health

The grease buildup on kitchen hoods is not just a fire hazard; it can also attract bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. To keep your kitchen free from dangerous germs and bacteria, it's vital to use a professional disinfecting service.

Our team of experts can help you keep your kitchen clean and germ-free. We use top-of-the-line cleaners and disinfectants to sanitize your kitchen hoods and ventilators, leaving them squeaky clean.

Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to ensure your kitchen is safe and clean. Get in touch today to book a disinfecting appointment with us.

Keep Your Kitchen Hood in Tip-Top Shape with Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to preventing kitchen hood-related accidents. Our team of specialists can help you stay on top of your kitchen maintenance needs by designing a tailored plan. We will help you determine the frequency of your cleaning and inspection services, so you can be sure that your kitchen is performing up to standard. We guarantee that our deep-cleaning services will leave your kitchen looking spotless and offer superior protection from potential kitchen hazards.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your kitchen safe and clean with our professional hood cleaning services.

Identify the Problem Before It Becomes an Emergency

Kitchen hoods are a vital part of any commercial kitchen. If something is wrong with your hood, finding and fixing the problem as soon as possible is important.

Our team of technicians can help you identify any potential problems before it becomes an emergency. We will inspect your kitchen hood for signs of damage and wear and tear, so you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

Don't wait until it's too late - get in touch with us today for a professional kitchen hood inspection. We guarantee that our services are reliable and affordable.

We can Fix All Your Kitchen Hood Problems

If you're having problems with your kitchen hood, our team can help. We specialize in repairs and can troubleshoot any issue you're having, from clogged filters to broken fan motors. We understand the importance of having a functional kitchen hood. We will work quickly to get your kitchen up and running again.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and will work diligently to solve your problem as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule your repair appointment.

Review Your Kitchen Hood Concerns with a Cleaning Expert

One of the most overlooked day-to-day concerns of a restaurant business is the condition of the kitchen exhaust system. It's easy to let the exhaust system go unattended for long stretches. The grease and sludge develop quietly overhead as you work daily making food in the kitchen. If you haven't thought about the state of your kitchen vents in a while, it's time to call our team. We'll come by to assess the shape of your hoods and complete your first cleaning. We'll report back to you once we're finished with any damage we find or an ongoing maintenance plan.

Below, we’ve listed some of the problems you could be experiencing if your kitchen hood has gone uncleaned for too long.

Health Violation

If your kitchen hood and exhaust system are collecting dirt and grime, there’s a very real chance that you may be at risk of a health violation, which could result in your business failing a scheduled inspection and having operations suspended. A temporary shutdown could have many negative consequences for your business, such as lost employees, a detrimental impact on your business’s reputation, and financial losses. Such eventualities are a risk you don’t want to take, especially not when you can access an affordable, easy hood cleaning that will avoid these consequences entirely.

You do not want to shut your restaurant down for a health violation. The best way to avoid it happening is to ensure proper maintenance. Hiring a cleaning crew like American Hood Cleaning to help you with your kitchen maintenance should be one of your first expenses. A clean kitchen is a safe one; we can help provide that for your restaurant.

Lack of Adequate Sanitation

A filthy kitchen hood can produce toxic odors and bad air quality in your restaurant, not to mention undesirable grease or condensation dripping onto the delicious food you serve to your customers. Don’t take the chance of triggering an altogether unpleasant experience for your customers, who may be put off by meals produced in a greasy or grimy environment.

The ventilation system in your kitchen is meant to efficiently draw out all the smoke and steam in your kitchen with the grease and odors along with them. If your hood fan system cannot perform that task due to inadequate cleaning, your kitchen will not be as sanitary as it should be. We will perform a hood cleaning service that sanitizes them and ensures they're as good as new. American Hood Cleaning wants to help you keep your hood fans clean! Get in touch today to book your appointment with us.

Elevated Fire Hazard

A greasy kitchen exhaust poses an extreme danger to you and your business due to its potential as an accelerant for fires. A flash fire can wreck expensive equipment as well as your entire building if you’re not careful. You should contemplate any subsequent costs that an insurer may not cover, as well as the risk of a lawsuit in case an individual is injured.

It’s easy to let the state of your commercial exhaust system slip your mind when it comes to routine operations. After all, there are many tasks to keep in mind when running a restaurant kitchen successfully. The good news is that all the above-stated issues are easily preventable with American Hood Cleaning.

Contact American Hood Cleaning for All Your Hood Cleaning Needs

Restaurant operations are dependent on an extensive list of moving parts. With so many variables, it can get chaotic and confusing to keep everything aligned and on schedule, running like clockwork.

Worry not! We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing kitchen hoods comprehensively. Our job is to satisfy our customers every time and every step of the way with optimal cleaning solutions and a lot of elbow grease. Reap the benefits of a safe kitchen environment by calling us at (503) 516-8664 and making an appointment with our expert crew.

We are always here to listen to your needs. If you have a specific cleaning schedule in mind, we can accommodate you with enough notice. Tell us about the maintenance schedule you need to run your restaurant, and we'll give you a quote on services. A fair exchange for such a critical aspect of running your kitchen. We are easy to contact, easy to communicate with, and easy to work with. We prioritize the experience our clients have when speaking with us, and we try our best to accommodate their every need.

If you need kitchen vent system cleaning assistance, we are the name to remember.

Detailed, Step-by-Step Hood Cleaning

There are several important steps that go into cleaning your kitchen hood. Our team will begin inspecting the system and understanding the help it needs. Next, we will shut off the fan and prepare the kitchen. Once we ensure the appliances are shut off, we will scrape down the exhaust system to remove grease before cleaning the area with food-safe chemicals and hot water. Once the process is complete, we will conduct a final inspection before making our departure.

This is just a short snapshot of the work we perform. For more details don’t hesitate to reach us. We will be proud to share our cleaning methods and our scheduling flexibility with you. Even after only a cursory description of the hood fan you need us to clean, we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote on the service. Once we arrive at your property, you will witness our team's exceptional work ethic, speed, and cleaning knowledge.

Our Hood Cleaning Process

Proper hood cleaning is a rigorous process. It involves our contractors accessing both the vent from your kitchen and getting up on your roof to clean the exhaust system that sits on your roof.

  • Step one: The first thing our contractors will do is cover your kitchen in plastic wrap. Cleaning your hood vents can get messy, and we don't want your kitchen to be dirtier because of us. The plastic wrap will catch all the grime flakes loosened during the cleaning process. We'll fold up the plastic wrap before leaving, and your kitchen will look untouched.
  • Step two: We’ll remove the grates that cover your hood vent. We’ll get on top of your building, remove the chimney cap connected to your ventilation system, and check for grease.
  • Step three: We’ll apply our degreasing chemicals thoroughly. Generally, we’ll start on top of your building because it’s easy for us to spray and scrape the grease away up there without bothering anyone downstairs. Once all that grease is gone, we’ll head down to the kitchen and repeat the process, except we'll use our degreaser inside your hood. Once we wipe everything down, your hood vent will look positively spotless.
  • Step four: We’ll reattach the grates to your hood vent, remove all our plastic wrap, and make sure that we don't leave any mess behind. We’ll place a sticker on your hood vent with the date of when your next hood cleaning should be.

Cleaning your hood vent is a straightforward process that should take roughly three hours. It takes longer if you haven't had your vents maintained at the appropriate intervals over time, but usually, it isn’t too long of a process. However, we recommend doing this service outside of operating hours as it’s very intrusive to your kitchen. The plastic wrap alone needs to cover your entire kitchen because we will be spraying at your hood vent quite vigorously.

Fast Turnarounds from Our Hood Cleaning Experts

If you run a busy restaurant, you don’t have time to waste. Our team understands that we need to perform our services quickly without sacrificing the quality of our work, and we’ll do just that. Whether you decide to stick around while we clean, we will provide the best work that we can do.

If there is a team where your cooks are not in the kitchen, in the morning, or outside of your working hours, we’ll be happy to accommodate your schedule, so please don’t hesitate to let us know. Once the work is done, you'll see just what we mean by fast turnarounds and quality results.

If you need your hood vent cleaned, reach out to American Hood Cleaning. Our services have many benefits, and you can make the most out of them all. With our hood cleaning service, you'll know exactly when you’ll require your next cleaning so that you can operate stress-free in your kitchen. We’ll estimate how fast your grease accumulated throughout the cleaning and choose your follow-up date to ensure that your hood never gets past the point of functionality.

Great Rates on Kitchen Hood Cleaning and More

At American Hood Cleaning, we recognize the importance of the services we offer, and we want to deliver superior kitchen hood cleaning to as many businesses as possible, which is why we’re proud to offer competitive rates.

To learn what we charge for hood cleaning services, reach our team members directly. We’ll provide you with honest pricing information right away!

As a long-term service provider, we know exactly how to clean your hood fan while cutting costs wherever we can. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough service for the best price, including the cleaning products we use and the speed and efficiency we complete the job with.

A Cleaning Contractor that Prioritizes Customer Care

We know that our approach to customer care and satisfaction helps us stand apart from the competition, and we take this aspect of our business very seriously. Everyone working on our team is professional and knowledgeable as well as kind and accommodating. We will make time to address your concerns and answer your questions, so please never hesitate to bring them forward. If there is anything we can do to make your service more satisfying, let our experts know. We’ll do everything we can for you!

Treating our customers right is a huge element of our success as a business. You won't have any workers in your space who will treat you poorly, fail to communicate vital information with you, or shirk away questions you want to be answered. When you are working with us, you get the all-star treatment. We want to show you our appreciation for working with us. Please contact us if you need help cleaning your kitchen hood.

Book Regular Hood Maintenance and Prioritize the Safety of Your Property

Keeping the hood of your oven clean will allow you to prioritize the ongoing safety of your property and increase the lifespan of your establishment. The risk of a dirty kitchen hood cannot be understated, and we urge you to contact us if you can’t remember the last time your space was serviced.

Also, your commercial kitchen is always subject to inspection, and if you don’t pass safety checks, you could face hefty fines, penalties and even shut down, so why risk it?

Let our team know the assistance you need, and we’ll be by your side in no time. Though having your hood fans and kitchen vents cleaned at first may seem like a hassle, our hours are flexible. We won't come into your space while you're cooking because it's not possible to do so. Ideally, we'll come in before or after service for the best results. We work cleanly and respectfully of the space, so you don't have to worry about any missteps when you start cooking again. Just a highly efficient ventilation system that functions the way it's intended to.

Professional Hood Cleaning for Every Unique Business

There are plenty of unique establishments that rely on industrial kitchen hoods, and American Hood Cleaning is proud to work with many of them. Our clients include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Dining halls
  • Catering businesses
  • Office buildings
  • Cafeterias
  • Cafes
  • Food manufacturing businesses

If you are managing a space that is not listed above but could still benefit from industrial hood cleaning, let our experts know. We’ll do what we can to accommodate you!

Our hood cleaning services are easily adaptable to any hood vent system. We have plenty of experience in the area, and if we have access to your roof, we will be able to ensure your kitchen ventilation system is operating exactly as it should be. Please give us a call if it's been longer than six months since you've had your kitchen hoods cleaned. We are curious about how we can help you out. Get in touch with us today to inquire or to schedule an appointment with you, and we'll try to meet up with you at your earliest convenience.

Work with the Area’s Best Kitchen Hood Cleaners

American Hood Cleaning is proud to offer superior kitchen hood cleaning services in the local area, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you. To book an inspection or to learn more, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. We’re always happy to chat with prospective clients!

Once you speak with us, you'll see why our list of happy clients keeps growing year after year. At no point will you feel confused or frustrated about our services. We have much experience in this field, and we know exactly what our clients are looking for when they need their kitchen hood fans cleaned.

If you'd like to get started with Portland's favorite restaurant hood fan cleaner, give us a call and speak with one of our friendly experts. We look forward to helping you set up your initial cleaning today.

Benefits of Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Prevent Fires

Regardless of how careful you are in the kitchen, there is always a fire risk. Grease, food particles, and other materials can all build up in your kitchen hood over time, posing a serious fire hazard if not properly cleaned.

That's why it is so important to have regular maintenance checks on your kitchen hood. With the help of a professional cleaning company, you can be sure that your kitchen hood is free of grease and all other potentially flammable residues. This will not only help to keep your kitchen safe from fire, but it will also better protect the rest of your home from any potential damage.

So if you want to reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen, ensure that you invest in regular cleaning and maintenance for your kitchen hood. It can save both you and your family from much stress and worry down the road.

Improve Air Quality

Cleaning your kitchen hood can help improve your home's air quality. When grease and other debris build up in your hood, it can release harmful airborne contaminants into your home. These contaminants can cause respiratory problems, headaches, and other health issues.

Having your hood cleaned regularly will help to remove these contaminants from your home, improving the air quality for you and your family.

Prolong the Life of Your Hood

When it comes to the maintenance of any kitchen appliance, your hood is one of the most important. Over time, grease and other buildups can quickly take its toll on your hood, creating scratches and dull spots that mar its appearance.

To help prolong the life of your hood, it is essential to have it professionally cleaned regularly by qualified professionals. A professional cleaning company will be able to thoroughly clean every inch of your hood, removing all grease and debris to keep it looking new for years to come.

So rather than replacing your hood before its time, consider having it cleaned by a professional to keep it in top condition for longer. After all, a clean and well-maintained hood is safer and more efficient than a dirty one!

Save Money

If your kitchen hood is not maintained correctly, it can dramatically increase your energy bills and decrease the lifespan of essential appliances like your stove. A simple way to save money and keep your kitchen running efficiently is to have your hood professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

By removing grease and other debris that can build up over time, professional cleaners can help prevent costly repairs or replacements down the road. So whether you're looking to cut down on utility costs or make sure that your kitchen remains in good working order, having regularly scheduled hood cleanings is something to consider.

After all, a little investment can go a long way in saving you precious dollars in the future.

Keep Your Space Safe with Regular Hood Cleaning from American Hood Cleaning

American Hood Cleaning is your premier resource for kitchen hood cleaning expertise in Portland. Whether you'd like to keep your business in compliance with local health and safety laws, or you want to keep your home free from grease and grime, we're the certified experts you can always count on for superior service and competitive rates.

We have been providing superior hood fan cleaning results at Portland’s best prices for years. If it has been too long since you’ve had your hood fan cleaned, please reach out to our team. If left unattended for long enough, your greasy hood fan can lead to further clogging and potential damage to your HVAC system.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about how our services can benefit your kitchen hood or if you have any kitchen hood questions at all. We are always ready to help, and we are always available to book an appointment and clean your kitchen hood

We work around your busy schedule to make keeping your kitchen sparkling clean easier for you. Phone (503) 516-8664 to ask us about our quick turn-around times and cost-saving rates.

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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service

Broiling and frying are two of the leading causes of the accumulation of bacteria, grease, and other particles within your ventilation system. Over time, dust adds to this sticky layer, making it challenging for your vent to do its job. That is why you'll need a kitchen hood cleaning service that works with you to understand your goals and sticks within your maintenance requirements and budget.

Frying and broiling are two of the most common uses of an oven and stovetop, so you need to keep an eye on your kitchen hood.

No matter the extent of your kitchen hood clogging, we have the skills, tools, personnel, and knowledge to fix the problem. If your hood fan seems too greasy or isn't functioning as well as you remember it, get in touch with us today.

We offer a comprehensive range of services which include:

  • Hood cleaning
  • Rangehood inspections
  • Fan maintenance
  • Disinfecting oven vent filters
  • Commercial grade degreasing
  • Restaurant hood repair
  • Fire systems inspection
  • And more!

Whether you invite us to your home or business, we guarantee we will meet your high expectations. Reach out by phone or email to learn more about how we can contribute to the safety of your property and the prosperity of your cooking environment.

We will clean your kitchen hood rigorously to achieve a spotless result, yet we will do so carefully. The result of cleaning with such care will be a kitchen hood that looks as good as new. The chemicals and techniques we use will be a sure bet against any amount of grease you have trapped up there.

Get in touch with us before your kitchen hood leads to more significant problems than you need.

We look forward to speaking with you and hearing about your hood fan issue. We will listen carefully to your problem and draft a quick quote on services.

Have any questions? Please call and ask. We are sure we can help you out.

Why Clean Range Hood Filters Are Critical to Your Health and Safety

When you clean range hood filters, bacteria and harmful pathogens that can collect and grow in your kitchen are safely removed. In addition to this, without clean filters, the system's fan won't work properly to remove grease and smoke from the air. This can lead to poor air conditions and illness. As the filter and fan become less effective, oil accumulates and becomes a fire risk.

The inside of your hood fan maintains the perfect temperature for cultural growth that can turn into mold or undesirable bacteria.

If you can't remember the last time you had your kitchen hood cleaned, it is time to contact us.

To prevent these avoidable risks, be sure to schedule regular maintenance. Our team is well known for providing our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Call us to explore budget-friendly options.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our team of cleaners will always be respectful when in your space, but more than anything else, they will bring their expertise to you. It doesn't matter the extent of your kitchen hood cleaning problem—we can fix your problem with ease.

Right off the bat, our team of contractors will display a level of professionalism that you will grow to prefer.

If you require our services for residential needs, we will let you know when the next time you call us should be. For commercial, we are confident that our services will impress you so much that you will call us again and again for your regular kitchen hood fan cleaning needs.

To speak with Portland's most highly celebrated and well-loved kitchen hood cleaning team, please call (503) 516-8664 to set up your first appointment with our team.

Preserve Your Hood System with Our Commercial Hood Cleaning Services

Grease fires are one of the most significant fire hazards in restaurant kitchens. When grease builds up, it can ignite a fire that will spread throughout the kitchen and even the rest of the restaurant. They are preventable by ensuring each kitchen is equipped with a functional hood and exhaust system that is regularly cleaned and maintained.

As restaurant owners, we understand that your top priority is to serve quality and sanitary food to every customer who walks through your doors. While this is essential, you also need to ensure that your customers and employees are not at risk of fire hazards.

This means preserving your kitchen's hood system by scheduling regular and thorough deep cleaning. Commercial hood cleaning requires skilled experts who know how to get into the filters to remove all excess grease buildup. When you partner with us, you can expect professional cleaners who are ready to help maintain your kitchen hood so it stays up to date with municipal restaurant and kitchen fire safety regulations. We provide kitchen hood exhaust and vent cleaning using our combined years of up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

After each cleaning, we will suggest a schedule for regular maintenance to ensure the cleanliness of your hood stays up to code. American Hood Cleaning is a team of qualified cleaning specialists skilled in applying an authoritative approach to your hood cleaning needs. We are happy to lend a hand with your commercial kitchen cleaning needs.

How Often Should Kitchen Hoods be Cleaned?

We recommend you have your kitchen hoods cleaned at different intervals depending on the volume of cooking required of your space. Typically for a commercial kitchen, an inspection and disinfection are usually needed every two weeks. Whether you are a private resident or a commercial eatery, we'd like the opportunity to sit down with you during a no-risk consultation to discuss your unique goals.

From there, we can make maintenance recommendations that are customized to your specific venting system. We'll also provide you with a transparent estimate so there will never be any surprises on your bill when you work with our team.

The amount of grease you have clogging your kitchen hood system depends mainly on two factors: how much cooking you do in the space and the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

The purpose of the fan is to suck grease up and out of the kitchen through the HVAC system. If your HVAC system isn't strong enough to handle that, the hood will clog up faster and cause problems.

However, even if you have an optimally performing HVAC system proportionate to your needs, your system will eventually grease up.

Because we don't know exactly what kind of system you are working with, we don't want to prescribe anything, but the answer to the question: "How often should I be cleaning my kitchen hood?" Is almost always: More often than you have been doing it.

If you think it has been far too long since you've had yours cleaned, or you have noticed slips in performance, call us right away. We will diagnose the situation over the phone and set something up with you or give you guidance that will take you to the next step with confidence.

We Have the Tools to Degrease a Range Hood Properly

No matter what type of exhaust system your kitchen employs, our licensed technicians have the training, tools, and technology to degrease your range hood correctly. Without commercial grade chemicals, you might have great difficulty achieving the level of cleanliness required to maintain a spotless and healthy vent.

You’ll be surprised at how fast our team can have your kitchen range back in working order. We utilize only the best cleaning agents and techniques to get the job done quickly.

When grease and dust form a film on your appliance, the fan motor must work harder to do its job, leading to increased energy expenses on your behalf. In addition to this, grease can harbor dangerous bacteria, fungus, and viruses, leading to problems with health and safety.

The techniques we will implement are designed to rid your hood range of bacteria and clogging for as long as possible. From there, we will be able to estimate just how long it will be until you require your next cleaning.

Stay a step ahead by getting in touch with our licensed and insured experts for a risk-free estimate.

We will foot you the bill after a thorough inspection and cleaning of this very important and unsung kitchen appliance. It will look exactly as you expected it to with no surprises.

If you have been looking for a team of cleaning experts who will show up with the exact tools for the job and the knowledge to use them, please contact us today.

Hood Vent Cleaning and Repairs

Our hood vent cleaning process always begins with laying out our tools and taking the appropriate safety precautions. We have perfected a system that allows us to remove mess without contaminating the rest of the area to protect your kitchen.

Once your kitchen has been properly protected, we'll get right to work scraping out anything that can be removed manually to make way for our commercial-grade degreasing solutions. Once we apply the degreaser, we'll let it do its work, then rinse it out with hot water. The finished result is a sparkling clean hood vent that looks and functions as though it is brand new.

Since we're up close and personal with your vent during this process, we'll be sure to let you know if there are any repairs or maintenance that might be required to make your system more efficient. Should you need repair work, we're more than happy to assist.

Why You Need to Disinfect Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Filter

The role your kitchen exhaust fan filter plays in the safety and productivity of your kitchen should not be underestimated.

Some of the top reasons for disinfecting a fan filter (in any kitchen) include:

  • Prevents risk of fire hazards
  • All restaurants need to be in compliance with fire regulations. Hoods should always be kept clean to prevent a cooking fire from spreading to other parts of the business and/or building. When there is grease buildup in the vents of the hood, it poses the risk of igniting a fire which can cause extensive damage to your kitchen. Give yourself peace of mind by setting up a routine hood range cleaning plan.

  • Reduces risk of employee illnesses
  • As a restaurant owner, you want to do everything you can to ensure your employees' air quality is safe, clean, and breathable. It provides a more sanitary work environment, reducing the chances of illness.

  • It helps to avoid contamination of food and kitchen surfaces
  • Dirty vents can cause your kitchen to overheat, meaning your food will spoil quicker. Cooking in an overheated environment causes food to spoil and can cause bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. These things must always be considered when creating your restaurant's kitchen cleaning and maintenance schedule.

  • Keeps air quality healthy
  • Maintaining clean air in the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant should always be top of mind. Having a dirty and clogged-up hood will impact the efficiency of the system, reducing the circulation of clean air. You can keep the air clean and safe by keeping the exhaust system clean.

  • Insurance
  • Help reduce your insurance costs and liability. If you have dirty and clogged kitchen hoods, you pose a significant risk of a fire, which will increase your insurance cost.

Just as your kitchen hood fan is critical to keeping your kitchen clean, the exhaust fan is crucial to the functionality of the hood fan itself. So, don't hesitate to reach us for affordable solutions that add value and security to your home or business.

Residential Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

We understand how busy things can get at home. Sometimes residential kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is the last thing on your mind. Without commercial-grade cleaning products, it can be difficult and severely time-consuming to try to tackle a mountain of grease on your own.

Besides the lack of cleaning products, cleaning the hood fan in your kitchen is challenging without the right equipment. People generally avoid the job.

Don't get defeated by stubborn stains and unmovable sludge. Call our professionals for a no-obligation estimate.

We look forward to helping you get your kitchen back into tip-top condition. After we are through, your kitchen will look and perform much better.

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Precision Commercial Vent Hood Cleaning

Allow us to take care of your commercial vent hood cleaning requirements and gain peace of mind knowing your investment is safe in the hands of licensed experts. Each of our team has been vetted, rigorously trained, and provided with additional safety training so we can meet and maintain your high standards.

Providing you with the exceptional level of quality that we promise is crucial to the survival of our business. We are invested in giving you the practical, long-lasting service that you are looking for because that’s what our success rides upon.

Set up an appointment to explore affordable exhaust cleaning options for businesses of all types. and watch as the performance of your kitchen noticeably improves.

If you have a tight schedule and need us to show up at a particular time, perfect. We will work with you in finding the appropriate time for your hood cleaning that is suitable for both parties.

Hire a Dependable Hood Cleaning Service

American Hood Cleaning goes above and beyond to make every hood cleaning service we provide an exceptional experience for residents and businesses in Portland. When you entrust us with the health and safety of your kitchen, we take our responsibility to you very seriously. We know that the success of our business depends on the quality of work that we provide, and anything less than stellar work will not suffice. If you are running a business, you can't waste time on supplemental service providers that don't get the job done properly – and we know that.

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